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Waterfall Quest

Written by mark4785. Posted in OSRS Quests

Starting point       Speak to Almera in her house north-east of Baxtorian Falls.                                                           
Difficulty / Length Intermediate / 40+ minutes

Investigate the death of elven leaders of old. Search for the elf King Baxtorian's tomb and discover the mysterious hidden treasure of the waterfall.

Items required          
  • 6 Air runes
  • 6 Earth runes
  • 6 Water runes
  • A rope                         
Efficiency items
  1. Food
  2. Games Necklace (use it to teleport to Barbarian Outpost and then briefly walk to Almera's house)
  3. Necklace of Passage for teleporting just south of Tree Gnome Stronghold
  4. Skills necklace
Dangerous None


 1. Rub the Game's Necklace and select Barbarian Outpost. Once there walk south, cross the bridge, enter the house and speak to Almera. Agree to look for her son, Hudon who is looking for treasure.

Almera's House - Baxtorian Falls

2. Exit through the back of the house and board the Log raft. You will crash onto a land mound. Speak to Hudon and he will refuse for your help.


3. Walk south of the island and use your Rope with the large grey rock.


4. You will have swam to an island with a dead tree. Use your Rope with the dead tree and then get in the barrel.


5. You will now be at the bottom of the stream. Walk east then north into the house and speak to Hadley. Select all of the options.


6. Climb up the staircase and search the bookcases to retrieve a Book of Baxtorian. Read the book.



7. Teleport to Ardougne and head south west to the entrance of the Tree Gnome Village maze.

Note: Opening the Mini map will clearly show the Maze situated south-west of Ardougne.


8. Go to the spot in the maze depicted below and climb down the ladder.



 9. Go to the eastern cave and search the crate to obtain a key. Then go back to the ladder and head to the west cave. The key will unlock the door. Speak to Golrie until he gives you Glarial's pebble. Head back up the ladder to the Maze.

Optional: For instant access to the centre of the Maze head west of the ladder you just used and squeeze-through the loose railing. Head east and speak with King Bolren and agree to help him. Elkoy will then escort you out of the maze. You can speak to Elkoy again at the entrance to go back to the centre.

Tree Gnome Village Entrance 


10. Bank all combat equipment including armour, ammo and runes and take Glarial's Pebble, Book of Baxtorian and at least 10 pieces of food.

Use a Skills Necklace to teleport to the Fishing Guild and walk north-west and use Glarial's pebble with Glarial's tombstone.


11. Put run on and go west. Open and search the closed chest to obtain Glarial's amulet.

12. Head south and search Glarial's tomb to obtain Glarial's run.

13. Exit the cave and withdraw your combat equipment, food, rope, 6x Air, Water and Earth runes and teleport to the Barbarian output using the Games necklace.

14. Head south to Almera's house, exit through the back, board the log raft and use your rope as you did before. Once on the side of the waterfall open the ledge.

15. Head to the east room and search the crate until you find a key. Then go west and go behind the Great demons and use the key with the door.

16. Open the next door and use 3 of each rune with all of the pillars.

17. Use Glarial's amulet with the Statue of Baxtorian (back of the room) and use Glarial's urn with the Chalice of Eternity (in the centre).

Congratulations. You have now completed the quest!