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Vampire Slayer (Low level guide)

Written by bartdudeman. Posted in OSRS Quests


This guide is a low levelled guide for Vampire Slayer, using this guide you will be able to get 20 attack instantly from level 1 attack.  You will be able to do this quest with level 1 attack, level 1 defence, level 1 strength, 1 prayers and level 10 hitpoints. 

Items Required




Air Runes or Air Staff (For low combat level)

Mind Runes  (For low combat level)

Earth Runes or Earth Staff (For low combat level)

Food ; I recommend Tuna's as they're only 45gp each at Grand exchange.


Step 1) Training Magic to level 9

Unfortunately with a low combat level you will not be able to cause damage to the Vampire quick enough with a sword to complete the quest. The vampire will recover it's health before you manage to damage it again most the time. That is, unless you use magic.

You can quite easily kill the Vampire with the level 9 combat spell Earth Strike. The quickest way to get to level 9 as a level 3 combat would be doing the Imp Catcher  quest which instantly takes you to level 8 magic instantly. You will need to buy the beads below from the Grand Exchange and take them to the Wizard on the top floor of wizards tower to complete this quest instantly. 

The beads will cost roughly 15k to 20k on the Grand Exchange, If this is too much I recommend training magic using air runes, mind runes and using Air strike on chickens.

Step 2) Start the Quest

Now that we have the requirements to do this quest as a low level, we will be starting the question, we need to talk to Morgan in Draynor Village to start this quest as seen below.


Step 3) Get the Garlic

Once you have started the quest, climb the stairs in the house and search the cupboard to retrieve a clove of garlic, this will weaken the vampire when you fight it. As you can see below, I receive garlic from the cupboard upstairs.

Step 3 ) Get A Stake

You can't kill the vampire without a stake so the first step would be to go to Varrock pub, and talk to Dr Harlow. He will initially refuse to talk to you, but once you provide him a beer he will reward you with the stake you need as shown below. You can also buy a beer from the bartender in the pub for 1gp if you do not have on with you.

Side Tip

Walking to Varrock can be long and tedious as a noob, you can buy the Chronicle and Teleport Cards from Diango in Draynor Village and use the Chronicle to teleport to Varrock. And remember this is a free to play item so anyone can use it!


Step 4) Prepare to Fight Count Dracula

Once you received the Stake, you need to return to Draynor Village and head North towards Draynor Manor, but before you do this, you need to get ready for the big fight. As a 10 hitpoint newbie with no combat stats other than level 9 you should definitely bring food that can recover an okay amount of hitpoints. Even something like trouts would suffice for this role. Below is an example of the inventory I will be using for slaying the Vampire.


The hammer, garlic and stake need to be in your inventory aswell as the runes required for Earth Strike. I didn't have Earth runes in my inventory as I have an Earth Staff equipped. Also make sure to take of all your armour before fighting Dracula. You want your magic attack bonus high as possible and Bronze/Iron armour negatively impacts magic attack bonuses. If possible buy some wizard clothes and an Amulet of Magic.


Step 5) Kill Count Dracula

Head towards Draynor Manor, North of Draynor Village, once inside head towards the stairs as shown in the picture below. You can also see my stats, as you can see I've only trained Magic when it comes to combat stats.

Once down the stairs, click on the coffin as shown in picture below and fight the count.

Once you kill the Count you will get the following reward

And as you can see now I have level 20 attack and I achieved this quest and defeated a level 34 Count with just one combat stat trained up to level 9.

I hope this guide helped you. If you need any more help with the quest feel free to contact me in the Runeguru clan chat.