OSRS News Reel

Upcoming Changes and Fake XP Drop Improvements

This week we discuss some changes to content we'd like to make, alongside releasing more QoL updates and an improvement to the Fake XP Drop...

Dev Blog: Theatre of Blood

It's showtime. We reveal everything you need to know about the upcoming Theatre of Blood in-game poll.

Theatre of Blood Rewards: Tournament World Feedback Tweaks

The Tournament worlds are still live and with your feedback we're looking to make some changes to the proposed Theatre of Blood rewards.

Deadman Spring Finals Review

In this newspost we’ll provide our perspective on the Spring Finals, and confirm what actions we'll be taking. We also confirm the names of the...

Deadman Summer Season, live now!

Increased resources, starter packs, and 30 minutes immunity no matter when you start.

Protecting Game Integrity: Revision

Here we talk planned changes to content to preserve game integrity, as well as begin the discussion about changes to Death mechanics.

QoL, Deadman and the Falador Party Room

This week sees more of the remaining QoL Month updates released, confirmation on the Deadman Summer Seasonal changes and news about the Falador Party room.

Deadman Summer Content Clarification

With a huge number of notable changes, this newspost is here to ensure that those seeking to participate will be fully in the know.