OSRS News Reel

Tale of the Righteous and Kourend Favour

This week sees the release of the Tale of the Righteous, a brand-new Novice level quest, unveiling more of the lore of the Kingdom of...

Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode

You've perfected your strategies, honed your skills, and triumphed against the Great Olm. Now, a new challenge awaits.

Maintenance: Wednesday 18th April

On Wednesday 18th April, at 7:30am BST, maintenance work will begin at the facilities which host our UK worlds.

OSRS Mobile: iOS Beta Beginning

The very first #OSRSMobile iOS beta test goes live today at 2pm BST!

Quality of Life Improvements

This week we release some of the updates from the "Old School Content Poll #58: More QoL and a Quest" alongside your usual round of...

Price Increase: June 4th 2018

On 4th June 2018 we will be increasing the price of membership for new members and those who’ve been unsubscribed for more than 14 days.

OSRS Mobile: iOS beta invitations sent

The iOS beta (beginning this coming Friday!) invitations have been sent to just over 4500 different players.

F2P PvP world & World Rota

After last week's Easter frolics, we're addressing some fixes & maintenance in this week's update, preparing for things to come.