OSRS News Reel

Fossil Island Improvements

At the end of November we offered an array of changes to content on Fossil Island in the form of a poll. Those changes arrive...

Poll Blog: Vorkath Uniques, Dragon Items and More!

In this blog we take a look at some poll questions proposing changes to Vorkath's uniques, dragon items and more!

The Return of Galvek

This week we bring Galvek back, make cutscenes replayable, and we've made a mammoth amount of QoL and bug fixes.

Vorkath & Metal Dragons: Further Changes

We've just released a host of hotfixes for Vorkath alongside Adamant and Rune dragons.

Vorkath & Metal Dragons: Feedback Tweaks

We've had chance to go through all of your feedback and are making some changes to Vorkath alongside the Adamant and Rune Dragons.

Dragon Slayer II

This week we release the sequel to one of the most iconic quests in RuneScape. It's time for Dragon Slayer II!

Dragon Slayer II Competitions

Only 13 sleeps until Dragon Slayer II arrives, and we have some competitions to make the time fly by!

In Retrospect: Wilderness Rejuvenation II & W345

In this post we take a look back at Wilderness Rejuvenation II and look to make changes on the W345 Permanent Deadman world.