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OSRS News Reel

Poll Blog: Post Kebos Changes

In response to player feedback, this poll blog has been put together to adjust the content recently released with the Kebos expansion.

Konar Loot Table Balancing

Check out this post for the latest on how we intend to approach balancing Konar's loot table.

The Kebos Lowlands

The Kebos Lowlands have finally come to Zeah! Try your hand at Aerial Fishing, receive a task set by the new Slayer master and enter...

Maintenance: Thursday 3rd January

On Thursday 3rd January, a number of Old School RuneScape worlds will be offline for an extended period of time. This is due to maintenance...

Christmas Event 2018

Old School's 2018 Christmas Event is finally here!

Kebos Lowlands: Progress Update

It's been two months since we announced the Kebos Lowlands and the team have been hard at work to have everything finished ready for its...

Winter Sweepstake and Soundtrack Records

In case you guys don't have phones, check out the chance to win a Razer Phone 2! Soundtrack Vinyls and CDs are also hitting retailers...

The Collection Log and Deadman Permadeath Beta

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Collection log, changes to the Deadman Mode Tournament ahead of its start on the 8th and...