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IMPORTANT: See Rules below the Bingo Board. 

Board design by MarksKoi. Board tasks by Gnarly.

 God D'Hide Piece

Any blessed D'Hide Item

Blessed body


Slayer Head Trophy


Except: Vorkath head 

 Stuffed basilisk head 

Obsidian Item

Obsidian head, legs or chest from Tzhaar area


Obsidian helmet 

Zenyte Shard


Obtain this 

Zenyte shard

Champion Scroll

Obtain any Champion scroll

Giant champion scroll


Zamorak Item from a Clue


Any Zamorakian item

Zamorak robe top

Medium Clue Scroll Unique


Any item from a Medium casket

Wizard boots


Dark Bow

Get a Dark Bow drop



Dark bow

DK Ring Set

Obtain Berserker, Warrior, Archer and Seers rings


Berserker ring

Full Barrows Set

Obtain the 4 pieces of Barrows Brother's armour


Dharoks helm

 KBD Unique

Obtain Dragon Pickaxe, Pet or Visage


Dragon pickaxe

Corporeal Beast Unique

Obtain any 3 of the Sigils, Holy Elixir or Pet


Arcane sigil

Gauntlet Unique

Obtain Crystal Weapon/Armour seed, Blade of Saeldor or Pet 


Crystal armour seed

Zalcano Unique

Obtain Crystal Tool Seed, Shard, Uncut Onyx or Pet


Crystal tool seed

Kraken Unique

Obtain Kraken Tentacle, Trident of the Seas(full), Jar or Pet 


Kraken tentacle

 Elite Clue Scroll Unique

Obtain any unique from an Elite Casket

tick2 tick5tick6tick4


Royal crown

Zulrah Unique X3

Obtain 3 uniques from Zulrah incl Fangs, Visage, Onyx, Pet, Mutagens or jar. Any combination including duplicates 

Magic fang


Primordial Crystal 

Obtain this as a drop.



Primordial crystal

Black Tourmaline Core/Wildy Ring

Receive Black Tourmaline Core OR get Wilderness Boss Ring 


Black tourmaline core

Zamorak/Sara Hilt

Get Zammy/Sara hilt from GWD 



Zamorak hilt

Hydra/Sire/Thermy Unique

This refers to a FINISHED Brimstone Ring, Hydra Tail, Hydra Leather, Hydra Claw, Complete Bludgeon, Abyssal Dagger, Occult (from Thermy), Smoke Battlestaff or Dragon Chainbody or ANY Jar/Head/Pet from this Boss


Hydra tail

Any PvM Pet

Any PvM pet obtained through combat, excludes Wintertodt.





Lil zik 2

Chambers of Xeric Unique

Any Chambers of Xeric Unique excluding Dex/Arcane Prayer Scroll 



tick2 tick4


Dragon hunter crossbow

Nightmare Unique 

Any of the armour pieces, orbs, staff, mace, the pet or the jar






Inquisitors great helm

Full Completed Ward

Obtain the 1/2/3 piece of the Mal/Odium Ward from Wilderness Demi Bosses 


tick5 tick4tick2



Odium shard 2



 Team Name Team Members Team Accomplishment Symbol

  Team 1Gnarly

  • HooHoo2016
  • Gnarly Nacho
  • Zizrose
  • Fake Janar
  • Budi
  • Roc3
  • LeeMc1
  • Matted
  • Ironman Pan
  • Kids ranqed(late)
 Team 2 GameBreaker
  • Gamebreaker
  • Daddy of RS
  • PvM Relax
  • DeWerald
  • MaximumPower
  • Xsniper94
  • Xuac
  • Ping Pongo
  • Pitbull
  • Alex (late add)
 Team 3 MSNI
  • MSNI
  • Jin oh
  • Bored Yak
  • Odyssey
  • Nylocas Cage
  • Vitalizing
  • TheGreenGuy
  • Meteodaina
  • Parasoxx
  • Notanurse
Team 4 Fanta
  • Fanta
  • MageGage30
  • Legend
  • Lootinbodies
  • Pizr
  • RN Franklin
  • Lordy
  • Maxd3f
  • Renegades
  • Shamiracle






Welcome to RN Bingo, refined and complete. Rules have changed slightly, so be sure to read this all the way through. Click Pinned Messages in the #PVM-Bingo channel and ignore this point system part.

  1. A tile can only be completed by providing an accurate screenshot proof in the bingo tracker channel. Form for this must include chat box message drop, along with date/time, as well as some form of bingo reference. Free free to just put 'RN Bingo Team # Bingo drop X'
  2. Alt accounts can be used, but any loot in an alts name will not be able to be logged. It's basically impossible for me/staff to stop you from acting, so it's going to be allowed, but be smart about how you use it, because when you accidentally get a sigil from corp on your alt, you're shit out of luck.
  3. The drop will only count for the team that the receiver is on. Feel free to PVM with other teams, but bingo will only be rewarded to the person who gets the drop.
  4. Unlike the other bingo, a drop will not count towards multiple tiles. Getting a Zulrah pet will NOT fill the PVM Pet and Zulrah Unique Tab, as for all the other possibilities of multi box completion. If a drop you get can fill multiple squares, pick wisely, and include it in the pvm-bingo-loot-tracker.
  5. Yes, I know that some drops are considered unique and not listed in the approve drop information above. The bingo is supposed to be challenging, not easy, and done passively. This bingo will be able to be grinder out over long periods of time without a huge interruption to your gameplay.
  6. Discord form, which follows the screenshot form, will be as follows:

Name of loot receiver

Loot/Challenge name


Bingo Team Name/#