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Waterfall Quest [Text Tutorial]

Written by Fraki Haknir. Posted in OSRS Quests


Who: Member's

What: You need to be able to survive attacks from level 84 giants without any kind of armor or prayer.

Required Items: Rope, 6 Air,Water,Earth Runes.

Recommended: Games Necklace, Ring Of Dueling and Food

WARNING: READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE DOING IT. (Don't read it as you do it)


This is SOUTH-WEST of the Barbarian Outpost, and NORTH-WEST of Kingdom of Kandarin

Inside will be a women named Almera, She will say that she has has a problem involving her son that is looking for a treasure in the river that has a strong current. Her son can't even swim, you will be proposed to use a raft. The raft is WEST of the lady in the same little area.


Once you use it you will end up on this island with a broken raft and Hudon across the river. Talk to Hudon, during the conversation he will think you are looking for the treasure also. Go to the south end of that Island and move your camera until you see a big rock. Look in the picture below to see how Hudson looks and the raft looks. Once you have located this rock you will want to use the rope option to go to it. Then spin your camera around again so you are facing Hudson, you will see a door on the waterfall. Use your rope on the tree to get down to it. 



Now click on the barrel to go down the river, Once you are the follow the wall on your Left side until you see the building. Go inside and go up the stairs. Search the book case's until you find a book called Book on baxtorian and read it. It will tell you to find Tree Gnome Village If you brought the Ring Of Dueling you can use it to teleport to Castle Wars and then go up from there.                                                                            



Once you have gotten there you must go threw the maze, if you have done it all you need to do is talk to Elkoy and he will guide you threw the maze. If not use the map above. Once you get there go down the ladder, then on the right path. Then again on the right you will see a different colored box. Search it to find a key, then go back to the ladder and go on the Left path and go up and find a metal door and use the key to open it. Go up and talk to Golrie who has been trapped by the goblins. Then give him the key and he will give you the Magic Pebble. Teleport back to the Bank of your choice and deposit your armor and runes and so on. You will want to withdraw a lot of food, Make sure you keep the pebble.                                                                



On the image above you can see 2 Circles. You need to reach the lowest circle which is SOUTH of Barbarian Outpost. There you will see a statue, use your pebble on that statue. You will appear in a cave. Run west to find a chest and take the amulet in the chest. (You might want to drop the one you just picked you and get another one in the chest and pick up the one that you just dropped, so that you have one for yourself since during the quest you will lose one.) Then run EAST and then SOUTH in a little path. You will find a tomb search that tomb to get an urn. Then use your Games Necklace to get back to Barbarian Outpost or run out the way you went in. Go to the bank of your choice and bring all of the required items with you and what you had on you. Go back to the raft and use it, then use the rope again on the rock and climb down the side of the waterfall with the rope on the tree. Once you get there go in the door, once in run NORTH and then to the EASTERN chamber, Search the chest's for a key. Then leave the chamber and go WEST and open the door past the Fire Giants. Use your keys on the door's to get to the treasure chamber. Use 1 of each runes on every pillar then go to the Statue of Glarial (Left one) and use your spare amulet on it. You will see a Chalice and don't take the treasure from it but use the URN on it. CONGRATS :)