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Gertrude's Cat

Written by mark4785. Posted in OSRS Quests

Starting point       Speak to Gertrude at her house just south-west of Varrock's west bank.                                                       
Difficulty / Length Novice / 10+ minutes

Gertrude has lost her cat Fluffs and desperately wants to find her. Can you help bring her home?

Quest / Skill requirements
  • None
Items required          
  • Bucket of milk
  • 100 Coins
  • Seasoned sardine OR Use a Raw sardine with Doogle leaves (obtained south of Gertudes House).
Efficiency items
  1. Skills necklace (for teleport to the Cooking Guild)
  2. Varrock teleport tab
  3. Lumberyard teleport
  4. Ring of charos (a); allows you to pick the colour of your kitten at the end of the quest.
Dangerous None


 1. Speak to Gertrude at her house south-west of the Varrock west bank. She has lost her cat Fluffs so agree to help find the cat.

 Gertudes house in Varrock


2. Teleport to Varrock Square and speak to Shilop, located to the north-east. He will tell you the last location of Fluffs providing you give him 100 gp.


3. Use your Lumberyard teleport or walk to the Lumberyard; climb over the broken fence just east of the entrance.

Walk to the Lumberyard to find Fluffs


4. Head to the middle of the yard and climb up the ladder. Now do the following:-

  • Try to pick up Fluffs
  • Use your Bucket of milk on Fluffs
  • Use your Seasoned sardine with Fluffs
  • Try to pick up Fluffs again.

5. Go down the ladder and search the crates until you find Fluff's Kitten. 

6. Go back up the ladder and use Fluffs Kitten on Fluffs. Fluffs will run off.

7. Return to Gertrude who will tell you Fluffs has returned home.


Congratulations! Quest complete!


 Gertrudes Cat reward scroll