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Heroes Quest

Written by Brazin. Posted in OSRS Quests

Quest Requirements:

Shield of Arrav

Merlin's Crystal

Lost City

Dragon Slayer

55 Quest Points


Skill Requirements

25 Herblore

50 Mining

53 Fishing

53 Cooking

Recommended 43 prayer and high combat stats


Item Requirements

60 GP

Clean Harralander

Vial of Water

Fishing Rod and (aprox.) 20 fishing


Dusty Key



Good Armor and a good weapon

Recommended antipoison, Anti-fire shield or Dragonfire shield.


To Start 


Speak to Achietties (found south of Burthorpe) and ask if you may join the Heroes Guild. She will tell you to get a few things, a cooked lava eel, a Fire feather, and a Master Thieves' Armband and a Fire Feather. Bring Armor, food, and a weapon. 

Go to White Wolf Mountain head through the normal path as if you were going to Catherby, but before you reach the glider head north and up the rock slide. Mine the rock slide. Head up the hill and go down the southern ladder. Once in the dungeon take the southwest tunnel until you reach a

ladder and head up it. Then, take the eastern ladder and follow the path north, east, then south. Head up the ladder you've reached and then go down the only other ladder.This is the Ice Queen's Lair and it is a multi-zone where Ice Warriors level 53 can attack you while you're attacking the level

111 Ice Queen. All of the enemies attack melee so you can either use food and kill the Ice Queen or pray protect from melee. Once you've defeated her pick up the ice gloves and teleport out.Head to a bank and pick up all of your weapons and armor but keep your ice gloves. Head to the Monks 

of Entrana at Port Sarim and take the boat to Entrana. The Firebird will be flying around the northern part of the island so from the boat head east and north across the bridge. Once you find the Firebird in is area kill it and pick up the fire feather it drops.Cooked Lava EelBring a Dust Key, Anti-fire

Shield, fishing rod, fishing bait, clean harralander, vial of water, and food.Head to the Port Sarim and go to the fishing shop. Speak to Gerrant and ask him about catching lava eels. He will then give you Blamish Snail Slime. Use your clean harralander on the vial of water, then use the Blamish

Snail Slime on that. Use the oil on the fishing rod to get an oily rod. You will use this to catch the lava eel.To get to the Lava Eel fishing spot head to the Taverly Dungeon. Follow the route below.



Once at the fishing spot fish a few eels just in case you burn or eat one accidentally. Once you've fished enough teleport out and head to a fire or a range and cook the eels.



Master Thieves Armband

You will need a partner from the opposite gang to help you.


Black Arms Gang

Bring: Black full helm, black platebody, and black platelegs.

Follow the path bellow then speak to Katrine about the Master Thieves Armband.

She will tell you that you have to steal Scarface Pete's Candlesticks. To get these head to Brimhaven and go to the Black Arms Gang Headquarters there. South East of the bar called the Shrimp and Parrot.

Tell the man at the door that the password is 'four leaf clover' and he will let you in.

Speak to Trobert. Accept his mission and he will give you some ID Papers. Leave the headquartes and go to the building west of the bar and show the guard outside the building your ID Papers while you're wearing the black armor. He will let you in then you need to speak to Grip. He will give

you a miscellaneous key. Leave the building and trade your partner form the Phoenix Gang the key.Go back in the building and go into the northeastern room and search the cupboard and select to take a peak. This will draw Grip into the room and your partner will kill him. Once he has died pick

up the keys and go into the Treasure Room. Get the candlesticks and leave the building and give one candlestick to your partner.


Go Back to Katrine and she will give you the Master Thieves Armband once you've shown her the candlestick. 


Phoenix Gang


Bring a bow and some arrows. Head to the Phoenix Gang hideout and speak to Stravan about the Master Thieves Armband.

He will tell you of some associates in Brimhaven named Charlie the Cook and Alfonse the waiter at a bar called the Shrimp and Parrot. Before entering the bar get the miscellaneous key from your partner. When you go into the bar, talk to Alfonse the waiter. Then, go into the kitchen and speak to

Charlie the cook and give him the password "Gherkin." Go through the secret panel on the west end of the kitchen and go through the yard and into the building on the west. Once inside, use the miscellaneous on the door to the north to get in the closet with a window. Stand directly beside the 

window and kill Grip (level 22). 


He will drop a key for you partner. Your partner will take the key and get the candlesticks. Get one of the candlesticks from your partner and head back to Stravan. Speak to Stravan and he will give you the Master Theives Armband in exchange for the candlestick.To Complete Bring the three 

items (fire feather, cooked lava eel, and Master Theives Armband) back to Achietties. Speak to her and you will have completed the quest.



1 Quest Point

3075 experience in Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints

2075 Range experience

2725 Fishing experience

2825 Cooking experience

1575 Woodcutting experience

2257 Smithing experience

2575 Mining experience

1575 Woodcutting and Firemaking experience

1325 Herblore experience

Ability to wield Dragon battleaxe and Dragon mace

Access to Fountain of Heroes  and access to Heroes Guild.


Quest Guide by Brazin