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Easy Moneymaking With Oranges

Written by Chris Reed. Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous

Buying oranges from various shops then putting them into baskets can net you a pretty penny. Oranges are used to pay the farmer to watch your crops while Farming. People tend to always go for convience, so instead of going out of their way to get the oranges for cheap they prefer to buy them from the Grand Exchange at a premium.



                                               Obtaining the Baskets and Inventory Setup:

Currently obtaining the baskets is easy. The way I suggest is just buying them from the Grand Exchange for 2-3gp a piece.

Secondly though is obtaining the Oranges. First you need to setup your inventory, I recommend this setup due to fact that I hate running back and forth a lot. You could probably setup the inventory to buy 10 at a time and increase the overall speed.


                                                             Getting to the Location:

Next you will need access to Gnome Stronghold via spirit tree or any other method including running, teleporting nearby or if you have the fishing skill cape you can teleport to the fishing guild then run North West. Then you will have to make way to the first floor of the grand tree just east of the entrance and bar.




                                                             Obtaining the Oranges:

Then find and trade Heckel Funch and buy 5 (or how many you decide to do) oranges. He is just easy of the bar, if you climb upstairs to the first floor inside of The Grand Tree, the bar is just south east of the ladder.





                                                             Filling the Basket:

After that simply click your basket to fill it with the oranges.




Once Heckel Funch runs out of oranges just swap worlds and repeat until all your baskets are full of oranges. This can take between 3-10 minutes depending on your luck with worlds and internet speed.







After your done just sell the baskets of oranges in the Grand Exchange and your done, easy money!

Currently the total price of basket+oranges is 12GP and a Basket of Oranges sells for 1.8-2k on Grand Exchange. When I was spamming this the price of baskets were fluctuating between 3-5k/basket. With this in mind the price drops and rises quite a bit, however with how much your spending you cant really lose money. When baskets were 5k each I was profiting in the 2.5-3m per hour range.