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Death to the Dorgeshuun

Written by Raven Raven. Posted in OSRS Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:

  • Lost Tribe

Skill Level Requirements:

  • 23 Agility
  • 23 Thieving
  • Combat stats high enough to defeat a level 50 foe.

Items Required:

  • Two complete sets of H.A.M. Robes (boots, cloak, gloves, hood, logo, shirt, skirt)
  • Light source
  • Rope
  • Combat gear

Items Recommended:

  • Food
  • Lumbridge Teleport runes
  • Spiny helmet
  • Tinderbox (For re-lighting light source if it's extinguished) 
  • Food if a lower combat level
  • Pickaxe

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked after Completing Quest:


Starting Point:

  • Speak with Mistag to begin the quest in the Dorgeshuun Mines


Starting out:

To begin the quest head to Lumbridge Castle, climb down into the castle cellar using the trapdoor located in the castle kitchen. Once in the cellar climb through the hole located in the southeastern area of the room then speak with Kazgar who will take you to the Dorgeshuun Mines.

After arriving speak to Mistag and ask "what is this favor?" He will express his concern of the H.A.M group plotting against the Dorgeshuun and wants to send an agent to confirm his suspicions. Mistag will ask for you to act as a guide for the agent, accept his request.

After accepting the request, Mistag will state that you will need a full set of H.A.M. robes for the agent as well as yourself to wear in order to access the H.A.M. base undetected. Ask Mistag to show you out of the mines then enter the Lumbridge Castle cellar. If you haven't got the H.A.M. robe sets with you already, bank and grab them. Speak to Zanik in the Lumbridge Cellar while having both H.A.M. sets with you, she will take one of the sets.

Acting as a Lumbridge Guide:

Take Zanik out of the Lumbridge Castle, you will then see a cut-scene where Zanik will admire seeing the surface for the first time. Zanik will ask you to give her a tour around Lumbridge, to do this you will need to speak to the following people:

  • Any goblin
  • Bob at the axe shop
  • Duke of Lumbridge
  • General store owner or shop assistant
  • Father Aereck at the church
  • Any man or women
  • Hans

Once you have spoken to all the people, ask Zanik if she has seen enough of Lumbridge yet. She will explain to you about the mark on her forehead. A cut scene will appear and Zanik will explain to you that the Tears of Guthix gave her the mark for a special purpose. The mark will glow when it is time for Zanik to learn more about her destiny.

Entering the H.A.M. Base:

After Zanik is finished telling you her story she will put her H.A.M. robes on. Locate the H.A.M hideout and attempt to pick the lock on the trap door then go down, it may take several attempts to pick the lock however it will eventually open. Once inside speak with any of the H.A.M. members and they will inform you that Sigmund and Ulsbrecht are "planning something big" and that they wont have to worry about the cave goblin threat for much longer.

Head into the room south of the podium and attempt to speak with Johanhus Ulsbrecht, he will refuse to explain any of the plans to you. After leaving the room, walk a little bit west and Zanik will spot a hidden trapdoor. Attempt to pick the trapdoor lock and enter once it is open. After climbing down, you notice that you will need to kill five guards with Zanik helping you.

Dealing With the Guards:

Walk towards the first guard then speak with the guard to distract him. Before finishing the conversation walk west one square and Zanik will kill him using her bone crossbow. Zanik will instruct you that you both can work together and she will help you kill the rest of the guards.

Slightly north of you is a crack in the wall, squeeze through the crack to enter the room. Once inside the room pick the lock on the eastern door then open it. Walk one square north of the guard then speak with him, Zanik will kill the guard.

For the third guard Zanik states that she can take care of him however informs you to give her a signal when the guard walks east in the middle corridor. Wait for the guard to walk east then say "Now" as a signal, Zanik will kill the guard for you.

Now head east in the middle end of the corridor where Zanik killed the third guard to kill the fourth guard in the north-south corridor. When the guard is at the northern end of the north-south corridor, quickly walk south and Zanik will kill the fourth guard for you.

Head north in the corridor where the fourth guard was, however stay out of view of the last guard. Tell Zanik to wait in the corridor then run through the middle east-west corridor into the western north-south corridor. Walk north and show yourself to the guard, Zanik will kill the final guard for you.

Once the final guard is dead listen in on the large door, Zanik will overhear high ranking H.A.M. members talk about a machine. Unfortunately both you and Zanik get caught by a guard and you will wake up in a prison cell.

Resurrecting Zanik:

Speak with Jimmy the Chisel to learn what happened to Zanik, once you have the information pick the prison cell door lock then exit the H.A.M. base. Slightly south west of the entrance you will discover Zanik's body, killed by the guards. After inspecting Zanik's body, you will notice the mark on her forehead is glowing. Take her body to Juna who can be found at the entrance to the Tears of Guthix activity.

Speak with Juna after removing any weapons that you are wearing since you will need both hands free. Juna will ask you to tell her a story however inform her that Zanik is dead. Juna will mention that Zanik's death was premature and after communicating with Guthix that it is possible to resurrect Zanik.

Juna will inform you that you will need to collect twenty Tears of Guthix using Zanik's bowl. Collect the tears from the blue steams only as the green streams will subtract from your collected tears. After obtaining the tears you will automatically leave the cave and Zanik will be resurrected. Zanik will also learn more about her destiny for leading the goblins into a new age.

Foiling the H.A.M. Plot:

Zanik will inform you about the plans she overheard at the large door in the H.A.M. base. The master plan is to use a machine which would divert water from the Lum River into the Dorgeshuun caves. Leave the Lumbridge caves and head back to the surface, a fast method is using the Lumbridge teleport spell or home teleport. If you do teleport, head into the Lumbridge Castle cellar and speak to Zanik so that she will follow you to the Lumbridge water mill.

Now head to the Lumbridge water mill which is across the river and slightly south of the chicken farm. Speak to the dwarf and agree to transport machine parts for him, you must have your full H.A.M. set on for this step to work.

After searching an empty create Zanik will get an idea then suggest that you could carry her downstairs into the water mill. Zanik will jump into the create which you will automatically take, enter the trapdoor then head west. You will discover Sigmund and four of his assistants, kill the assistants first so that Zanik will attack Sigmund with her bow. Sigmund will occasionally swap between melee and Missiles protection prayers, however you can melee him.

Once Sigmund is low health, he will teleport using a ring of life. Before teleporting he states that he would meet you again. Slightly west of you is the Drilling Machine, destroy this by smashing it.

Zanik will state that you should inform Mistag of what has happened and that you can use the tunnel which Sigmund dug out as a shortcut to get there.

Talk to Mistag to complete the quest.


  • 1 quest point
  • 2000 Thieving xp
  • 2000 Ranging xp
  • Dorgeshuun Crossbow and dagger special attacks
  • Entry to H.A.M. store rooms
  • Permission to enter Dorgesh-Kaan
  • Access to the water wheel tunnel