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Introduction to Questing

Written by Queen Venom. Posted in OSRS Quests

An Introduction to Quests

Why Complete Quests

Experience -- Many quests, once completed, reward experience points. These are neat little lump sum boosts to add to your skills.

Rewards -- Some quests reward you with a nice, fun rewards that are otherwise unobtainable elsewhere in the game.

New Content -- Quests can also unlock new content in the game. Some places and skills in runescape are only accessible after certain quests are completed.

Entertaining -- Many quests come with amazing and witty story lines that are wonderful to read through. It's also fun to try and figure out how certain things work and can be a great challenge to tackle. Quests can take you all across the map and lead you to places that you might not have seen before. The experience and/or reward is just the cherry on top.

Quest Skill Cape -- Once you have completed all the quests, you can obtain the prestigious quest skill cape which comes with its own nifty emote. It's definitely a mark of achievement.



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