Points Assignment

Earn points when you perform specific actions.
Submit a Guide / Database Entry
Earn 2,000 points when you submit a Guide or Database entry.
Recipients: 32
Guide / Database is Deleted by Leader
Copyrighted material is deleted and not published.
Recipients: 0
Viewing of a Guide / Database Entry
Earn 1 point when a person reads the article or database entry that you created.
Recipients: 32
Publish & Host an Event
Earn 500 points when you published and host an event for the Clan Chat.
Recipients: 50
Remove an Event
Points will be revoked where you have failed to host your published event.
Recipients: 17
RSVP Attending an Event
Earn 100 points for clicking the Attend button for an Event of your choice.
Recipients: 219
Earn Points if Friend Registers to RuneNation
Points will be given to you when your friends who are invited registers on the site.
Recipients: 0
User registers on the site
Earn points when you register on this site.
Recipients: 205
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