About Us

Written by Mark 4785. Posted in History

RuneNation is a gaming community for the MMORPG named RuneScape.


RuneNation was established and founded in March 2015 by Mark4785. The purpose of RuneNation was and is to provide and facilitate a safe, secure and fun place for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players to socialise, host or take part in cooperative team events and find resourceful information about how to achieve in-game goals and ambitions more efficiently. In this way, RuneNation aims to be a one-stop place for all things RuneScape.

The social facet of RuneNation is very broad and encompasses:-

  • A Discord for orchestrating events
  • A Forum for a variety of written topics
  • A Private Message and Friends system for keeping in-touch with people of interest
  • Various internal clans that specialize in different areas of the game (i.e. PvM and Bossing).
  • An Event calendar
  • A RuneScape in-game clan chat
  • Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and Facebook outlets


RuneNation abides by all Games Rules outlined by Jagex Ltd and has a zero tolerance approach for those breaching them.

RuneScape is a registered trademark of Jagex Ltd